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Women's Plus Size Panties

With its wide range of products, HNX UNDERWEAR offers you not only high quality but also a variety that will enable you to find what you are looking for. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the highest quality materials, the most advanced production technologies and our expert team. You imagine we of carrying

Women's Panties

Want to stay ahead of all fashion trends? Or are you looking for something classic? As HNX UNDERWEAR, we offer you everything you are looking for. As an underwear manufacturer, the biggest reason why we sell in every region of the world is our wide range of colors, models and patterns. With us, you can get products that will satisfy your customers.

Women's Thong

There is great potential in every person. At HNX UNDERWEAR, we believe that everyone can unlock and use this potential. We are growing and improving every year, but one thing has never changed and will never change: our commitment to our customers. Check out our website to see our stock and get to know this quality.

Female Athlete

HNX UNDERWEAR has set out with the aim of meeting its customers with a wide range of high quality products. The products we create with the most advanced technologies and the most stringent quality control procedures are among the best in the industry. Take a look at the products available in our stock and contact us for detailed information.

Women's Bustier

It's easy to find a product you'll love at HNX UNDERWEAR. We produce a wide variety of stylish and quality products to appeal to every budget. Take action now to sell these products in your own store and to meet your customers with this quality and fashion. Start choosing the best for you from hundreds of models, colors and patterns 

Women's Shorts

HNX UNDERWEAR deserves all the attention it receives. Since 1993, we have established a reputation as a leading underwear and home wear manufacturer that offers quality products that you will love all over the world. You can surprise your customers with our quality. Take a direct look at some of our products by clicking the link below.

Women's Pajama Bottom

At HNX UNDERWEAR, we attach great importance to the well-being of the Earth. Therefore, we are proud to sell environmentally friendly products. We believe that shopping can be more than just buying something new and that consumers should always consider sustainability in their choices.


As HNX UNDERWEAR, we are always with our customers with our wide product range, fast delivery and friendly service. The role we play in helping their businesses grow is what makes us most happy. We will continue to produce for each individual.


Sururi Mah., Yesildirekli Bakkal Sok., No:1/D 34120 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey

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